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Felt Roof Shingles For Your Building

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So What Are Bitumen Roof Shingles?

Felt roof shingles are a special type of roof covering made from asphalt/bitumen. They come in metre long strips which are fixed to the roof in layers. When they are fixed down they look like single tiles. They make your roof waterproof and stop it leaking. They are much better than shed felt which is often used. They are a better quality and they are thicker and they will last a lot longer too. Felt roof shingles are a fantastic way to finish off your roof. They look good and come in a wide range of different colours and styles. You can pick which will work best for you.  

You can cover an area quickly and easily with roofing shingles. Slate roof tiles and cedar wood shingles look great but they can take a long time to fit. They can also be quite difficult if you are not a professional. We offer a range of cheap roof shingles. These are an economical choice for all DIY projects in the home and garden. Felt roof shingles have become a very popular choice for roofing projects in the UK. Please visit our Products Page for more information on all the different styles and colours we offer - you can find the prices there too.

  Armourshield hexagonal in their original IKO packaging ready to open and start fixing

How Felt Roof Shingles Are Made - A Short Description Of How They Are Made In The Factory

They are made by coating a fibreglass mat with high quality bitumen. Next the shingle has a layer of coloured stones sprinkled on top. On the bottom of the Shield range they add a layer of sticky bitumen. The bitumen layer needs to have a plastic strip to cover it. This stops all the roof shingles sticking together in the pack. Further along the production line the shingles are cut into the correct shape. Finally the individual strips are collected together in a pile and then wrapped up in packs. The finished packs are put onto pallets so they can go into the warehouse for storage. They wait in the warehouse until they are ordered. They are loaded by a fork lift truck onto a lorry for transport to the UK.

The most popular shapes in the UK are Superglass square tab ones (which are actually rectangular) and Armourshield hexagonal ones. Both designs look really good on sheds and garden buildings. The hexagonal tiles are very eye catching and look classy. Square tab are great if you are trying to match with your house roof tiles or other roof coverings in the area. We also have some unique designs , for example, scalloped beaver tail Biber shingles - lots of buildings in Germany have this kind of roof in a red colour.

Felt roof shingles are perfect for a number of uses such as sheds, log cabins and summerhouses. They can also be used on timber houses and industrial buildings. As long as the roof is made from some kind of timber board, shingles can be fixed on. As long as the roof pitch is high enough you should be able to use roof shingles. They work best on an apex roof but they can also be used on pent ones. The Shield range can also be used on vertical surfaces.

To find out more about how to shingle a roof please visit our Instructions Page

We are suppliers of IKO shingles for roofing in the UK. IKO are the market leaders in the industry across the World. They spend a lot of time and money on product development. They are always making quality control checks too. Our supply comes from the European factory in Belgium. There are lots of other IKO factories in places such as America and Canada. We are very happy to offer IKO products for sale to our customers. Find out more About Us & IKO Felt Roof Shingles

You may also like to visit the IKO website for more information.

 Armourshield hexagonal on a log cabin, just one of their common uses


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