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Roof shingles are becoming more and more popular in the UK.

If you are not familiar with what roof shingles are, they are metre long strips of bituminous material (similar to shed felt), shaped at the bottom and covered with coloured granules. When the strips are layed on your roof and overlapped in the correct way your roof will not only be watertight but it will also have an attractive design created by the shaped bottoms. The most popular designs are Superglass rectangular, Armourshield hexagonal and Bibershield beaver tail/scalloped. we have many years experience working with and selling roof shingles.

Roof shingles are thicker, stronger, longer lasting and more attractive than shed felt. 

They have been used for years on roofs in Canada, the USA and Scandinavia. 

Our roof shingles are made by the market leaders IKO. 

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