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Valley Rolls For Roof Shingles

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£69.60 69.60 £ VAT 0% £

If your roof has a valley (a v shape area between 2 parts of the roof) you will need to use a valley roll to cover this area first, before fitting roof shingles, to make sure it is water tight.

Armourvalley is a roll made esepcially for use alongside IKO roof shingles.

It can be heated with a blow torch before being nailed down to create an extra tough bond with the roof (never heat roof shingles - it will damage them).

Armourvalley is available in Forest Green, Tile Red and Black. If you are using a different colour of roof shingles we suggest using black for the valley as it blends well with most colours.

Please contact us on 01270 756698 if you have any questions about Armourvalley.