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Armourshield Hexagonal Roof Shingles

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£34.37 28.64 £ VAT 0% £
£34.37 28.64 £ VAT 0% £
£34.37 28.64 £ VAT 0% £
£34.37 28.64 £ VAT 0% £
£34.37 28.64 £ VAT 0% £

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Armourshield Roof Shingles 

Armourshield hexagonal roof shingles are one of the best roof shingles available. They are highly resistant to wind and have a layer of bitumen on the back which heats up in the sun to create an extra bond between the shingle strips. Not only are they technically great, they look good too with the hexagonal design providing an eye catching alternative for your roof covering. 

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Armourshield hexagonal roof shingles:

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