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Roof Shingles

About Roof Shingles 

Roof shingles are value for money, quick and easy to fit, thicker, stronger and longer lasting than shed felt and low maintenance. Roof shingles are a roofing material made from bitumen. They come in metre long strips, the bottom edge is shaped to create the required pattern i.e. hexagonal, and the top is covered with different coloured stone granules. 

The most common uses of roof shingles are on log houses and garden buildings such as log cabins, sheds, summerhouses and gazebos. Roof shingles can also be used on other buildings such as garages, shops, band stands, farm buildings and industrial warehousing.

Summerhouse With Granite Grey Armourshield Roof Shingles


Requirements For Using Roof Shingles 

Although roof shingles can be used on a wide array of buildings there are some criteria that needs to be met to ensure they are suitable for use:

  • The building must have a wooden boarded roof. This must cover the whole of the roof so each shingle strip can be nailed into it. It must also be strong enough to take the weight of the shingles and so plenty of roof rafters are required. Timber frame roofs are not suitable unless they are boarded over. 
  • The roof pitch must be 15 degrees or more. Roof shingles are not suitable for roofs with a pitch of below 15 degrees because of possible water ingress. If the roof pitch is not high enough for rain water to run off the water can sit on the roof and go back up and under the roof shingle strip. If your roof is a very high pitch you will need to use Armourshield or Bibershield roof shingles as they are the only ones suitable for pitches up to 90 degrees. 
  • Make sure you buy the correct type of roof shingles for your project. If you are in a windy or exposed area you should go for the Armourshield or Bibershield shingles. Armourshield roof shingles have been wind tested stay stuck until winds of 220km/h are reached. 

 Black Armourshield Roof & Ridge

Advantages of Roof Shingles: 

  • Quick and easy to fit - cedar shingles/shakes and slate tiles can be difficult to fix onto a roof and can take a long time if you're not a pro.

  • Thicker, stronger and longer lasting than shed felt - some of the cheaper shed felts will rip like paper but you will need a work knife to cut through roof shingles. The life expectancy of shed felt is 3-5 years whereas with roof shingles you are looking at 10 years plus (depending on external factors).

  • Value for money - one pack of roof shingles generally covers 3m2 meaning they are economical and are a lot cheaper than cedar shingles and slate tiles. 

  • Low maintenance - there is no need to clean them or paint them with anti fungal treatments. There will not be any rotting. 

  • Attractive - roof shingles come in different designs and colours so you can find the right one for you.  

  • CE approved - all IKO roof shingles are CE approved.They are fire retardant and extremely resistant to very hot, very cold and very windy weather. Armourshield roof shingles are resistant to winds up to 220km/h (Superglass 120km/h)

Tile Red Superglass Roof Shingles