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Roof Shingle Instructions - How To Install Roof Shingles

All of our roof shingles are intended for DIY projects so once you understand the basics they are not difficult to fit. 

If you have never used roof shingles before then you should definately read the relevant instructions. Click on the links at the bottom of the page for instructions.

Even if you think you know what you are doing or have worked with roof shingles before it is a good idea to read the instructions before you start, there might just be one or two tips that will help you. 

There are some basic instructions on the packs themselves but we have adapted and elaborated on them based on our own experience of fitting roof shingles.

When fitting roof shingles the principle is pretty much the same for each style and roof type but we have written instructions for the most common ones.


Click on the links below to access our roof shingles instructions


Armourshield On An Apex Roof          Superglass On An Apex Roof          Pyramid Roof

Armourshield Instructions              Superglass Instructions             Pyramid/Hexagonal/Octagonal Roof Instructions

If you need anything clarifying please feel free to call us with your questions. You can use the Contact Page or telephone us on 01270 756698

You may also have questions about the use of underlay and Shingle Stick bitumen mastic. We have written some articles on these:

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