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Roofing Calculator

Once you have chosen the colour and style of roof shingles you want you will need to work out how many packs you need. 

Our roof shingle calculator below will calculate the number of packs you need for a standard 2 sided apex roof, up to 6m long, using the following roof shingles - Armourshield, Superglass, Bibershield, Superglass Biber and Skyline. 

If your roof is hexagonal or octagonal then please read the following article:

How To Calculate The Number of Packs of Roof Shingles You Will Need For A Hexagonal Or Octagonal Roof.

If your roof is longer than 6m or a unique shape then please contact us online or call us on 01270 756698 for advice.


All calculations are given in good faith and are based on our experience and knowledge but without liability. 

Roof Shingle Calculation Dimensions Needed

You will need to take 2 measurements from your roof:

1 - The total length of the ridge in metres.

Make sure you take the meaurment including front and back overhangs. 

2 -  The length from the ridge down to the eaves edge in metres.

If your building has roof boards or fascias it will probably be easiest to measure the length of one of these. The width of the building itself is not used in this calculation.

Enter Your Measurements In The Shingle Calculator Below